Welcome to my portfolio website. Here is just a little bit about me . . .
I am a devoted Art Director, Design Leader, and Brand Expert. I got my start as an Graphic Design and Architecture major at the Savannah College of Art & Design. I took a detour in my design career, and obtained a B.A. in Radio/Sound from Columbia College in Chicago, IL, interning with the Chicago Recording Company, where I assisted with foley sound design and post-production for commercials. I loved the industry, but my heart was still in design, so I returned for my B.A. in Graphic Design from Northern Kentucky University. 
I started my career as a Junior Graphic Designer in the textbook publishing industry. Textbook and collegiate media design was a great way to break into the field. I was very fortunate to have been surrounded by proficient and talented designers, who were willing to impart their knowledge and expertise. Being surrounded by these industry professionals was a huge benefit and wonderful learning experience.
In 2003, I made the move to Nashville, TN with an opportunity to work for the premier administrator of government healthcare programs. At the time, I was the first and only graphic designer on staff. I was able to transform their collateral; and create a standard of design and quality for which other contractors work to duplicate. I orchestrated a project that took form scan rates from below 30% to over 90%; chaired the diversity council (and participated in diversity-driven, charitable, and health initiatives); and, directed 508 compliance. My work continues to engage clients, educate providers, and contribute to successful joint ventures and alliances.
Throughout the years, I have worked on many freelance projects from logo and brand creation, to music promotion materials, and on to interactive and engaging environmental designs. New opportunities for design always bring new opportunities to engage a user, learn a new type of design, and broaden my design experience. I'm a print designer at heart, and love to design anything that you can hold in your hands, whether it be packaging, business and media publications, promotional items, etc. I also look forward to all new projects, as an opportunity to engage, learn, and make something better.
Some weird, but possibly interesting facts:
I have two dogs who are my "children," nothing less.
I have a successful blog (written with a pen name).
My family and close friends are very important parts of my life.
I was once a tattoo flash designer. Somewhere, there may be people in the world with my artwork on their skin.
I am a painter and illustrator, with success in painting sales.
I am an Apple nerd, but I am just as comfortable in a PC environment. 
I'm a stockholder. I own stock in companies like Apple, Starbucks, Ford, and Brown-Forman. I enjoy the idea of investing in companies and watching them grow.
I was born in Ohio, but raised in New Jersey. I will always be a "Jersey Girl."
I am a Starbucks junkie. It's such a designer cliche, but I can't help myself. It's likely the only stereotypical "designer" thing about me.
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